Praise for Everything Changes, a newsletter that changes every week (now under the banner of the Awl)

“Laura’s newsletter has a unique premise: Every week, it’s a totally different newsletter! Different format, different theme, different frequency. All of its iterations have, so far, been delightful.” —Robin Sloan

“Everything Changes is a newsletter for the restless, irreverent, and easily bored.” —Kernel Mag


"Past editions have consisted illustrations of Beyoncé flossing her teeth, or the fascinating results of a Q&A survey about parenthood (and whether or not to partake). Whatever comes your way, you know it will be good." —Vice

“It’s slightly weird, super sharp, comfortably personal, not a little amusing, and, perhaps most important of all, it’s very brief, and never boring. These are all qualities that line up extraordinarily well with the Awl’s editorial vision.” —The Awl