Do one thing every day to help elect Democratic women to office on November 6.


How does it work?

  1. Every day until November 6th we’ll send you one Democratic woman candidate who deserves your support in a strategically important race.

    We’ll give you ideas for one thing you can do that day to help her get elected, no matter how much time you have—like 10 minutes to nudge a friend in her district to vote, an hour to do some volunteer texting, or two minutes to pitch in five bucks.

  2. You do the thing. One thing every day.


Why should we elect women?

Are you aware that women are half the population?

It’s true.

At the same time:

  • Only 20% of members of Congress are women.

  • Only 12% of governors are women.

  • Only 25.5% of state legislators are women.

  • And as you may be aware, 0% of presidents have been women.

  • Overall, only 17% of the country’s 500,000 elected offices are held by women.

Women deserve equal representation in our government.

What races is Votes for Women focusing on?

  1. State legislature races that could flip control of chambers to Democrats. Redistricting happens only every 10 years, and we need to win state legislature seats this cycle to be in a good place to fight racist Republican gerrymandering and other tomfoolery in 2020 and 2021. Because state legislature races have smaller budgets than bigger races, your money and time will go far here, too.

  2. Congressional races we need to win to flip the House. We really, really need to flip the House.

  3. Senate and gubernatorial races in toss-up or lean-Republican seats that could help flip the Senate or protect against gerrymandering with good governors in place.

What could we do with more women in power?

Reproductive freedom, equal pay, universal health care, a higher minimum wage, ending mass incarceration, better and more affordable education, paid family leave, action on climate change. For a fucking start.

Who are some great women I can help elect right-the-fuck now?

Meet Stacey Abrams, Lucy McBath, Xochitl Torres Small, Claire McCaskill, Erin Herbig, Heidi Heitkamp, and Anna Eskamani.

Why “Votes for Women”?

“Votes for Women” was the slogan of the fight for women’s suffrage 100 years ago. Back then, women were fighting for access to the ballot box to get a voice in their government as voters.

Standing on their shoulders, now we want to help more women get access to the levers of power—so we can get a voice in our government as leaders of that government.

Shouldn’t we give men another chance?


Why do you hate men?

We think some of them are actually fine. If you’re asking this question you’re probably not one of them.

Why do you insist on voting with your vaginas?

Why have you insisted on voting with your dicks for 200-plus years?